Saturday, April 08, 2017

Bring a usb drive with you on Sunday I have some files everyone may find useful. Usual coffee shop

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

I've setup two receivers at 
home to listen for these radio signals.

7828 khz

I've yet to encounter them

This is clearly a new radio emission 
which has not been noticed by 
the various online 
discussion groups for 
radio transmissions

Thursday, March 30, 2017

7828 khz

I've been debating
wheter to make a public disclosure
about the radio transmissions I've
been receiving on 7828 khz

A morse station comes up on the
last week of each month sending some
unusual numerical messages

This station lacks the usual
net chatter, communication confirmation
or net structure that is routinely monitored
from communication networks 
originating from say eastern China
or Russia


But anyways 
this past week 7828 khz
became active again at 07 utc with his
monthly numerical message of


This months 5 digit group 
was sent in the normal ( for him )
format of 

VVV 021703 021703 021703 VVV

I came across these monthly radio transmissions
completely by accident

Since my discovery 
I have not noted any callsigns
net chatter, or communicatons
structure to this entity which could
align it with other known regions

Often, I feel myself is an object
of observation for my obsession to the
rf spectrum

Am I ?

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Unique radio signal

 After listening to Alex's recording of the " slot machine" signal
I wanted to share this radio signal with everyone. When I tuned
across it and really listened to its unique structure, suddenly
realized I was having a bizarre moment in my life.
 This radio signal blew me away, with its slow periodic fading
the cycling of its tones, brief interruptions. What possible
purpose could a strange radio signal accomplish ?

 I hope this radio signal does not invoke equally bizarre behavior
to those whom choose to listen.

 If you choose to monitor 8056 khz, prepare yourself beforehand

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Slot machine

Winding down from a busy weekend

Greg has uploaded an excellent sound clip of
 a classic radio transmission
known as the slot machine

Well done Greg

Many of these radio signals
go ignored

Collection of SDR available online

One of my favorite sites is an extensive collection of
receivers all over the world

Wish all of them would tune outside the amateur radio frequencies !

SDR receiver

Just a quick note

If you've ever had any desire to try a
Software Design Reciever

one is available online at

this sdr is located in the Netherlands

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Myself, I enjoy experimenting with non conventional antenna
designs and concepts

Your imagination.

Is the only limitation

Often I begin my
day with the usual bandscans for any new
radio emissions

Its rare day that some new radio signal
does not reveal itself to us
Yes, I am referring to my radio receivers as another
By "us" I mean myself and my radio receivers
The rf spectrum is indeed a living thing 
it grows

This morning
the lower 5 mhz band is being pommeled by an
intense buzz sounding emission
which is hammering mercilessly at the receivers AGC circuits

The current 5mhz ionospheric conditions
strongly suggest this signal is
coming from the Aleutian Chain 

I have several antennas to make directional 
observations and evaluations 

For this signals massive strength
slight signal fading 
it is indeed a single ionospheric 
hop to my recevers

Intelligent debate and discussion often erupts into
nothing more than a heated exchange between 
egotistical mind sets 
whom are out for a single self serving purpose
of self gratification.

Review the following sound clips of other
over the horizon radar systems that have been
observed using hf frequencies.

Now many will quickly point out that 
Amchitka Island is no longer active
What are you basing this observation upon ?
A published article, such as:
It is of my opinion that this signal 
we observed today on 5340 khz is indeed a form
of over the horizon radar system that
either is naval vessel based (ship borne)
or along the Aleutian Island chain.
Satellite linked receiver sites in a distributed format 
covering a large geographical area for this
5340 khz system 
is a possibility
Throughout Alaska people have been 
curiously documenting such sites that have been
"popping up" in some very remote uninhabited regions.
For example
 Please review the above image
When I took this photograph several beverage antennas 
were observed deployed along azimuths covering
much of the compass rose.
I was unable to effectively document these beverage antennas
feedpoints without placing myself well within
the security cameras field of view. 
Considerable money was spent 
installing this remote site, maintaining it
and linking it to the rest of the earth via a
satellite link.
I feel the main purpose of the security camera 
is to simply provide a current view of the
intended area for aircraft access to the site.
Someone is able to view the current weather
conditions for safe aircraft access. 
Which suggests a group of people 
are intent on keeping this site operational
at all times.
Maintenance issues in such harsh enviroments
are indeed demanding and costly.

What is this site being used for ???

Having an array of antennas which are clearly 
shown, observed hf antennas
There is indeed far more going on that is
apparent from those that simply give it
a brief glance.
Another view
We are not alone in our exploration of the radio spectrum


Friday, June 24, 2016

I'm on it

13868 khz

Took a break from work
standing in a Starbucks coffee shop.
Is the whole town talking about the
communications network on
13868 khz


That is just too wierd
a morse communications network in central
Russia is common discussion on
everyones mind 
thousands of miles away